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Our History - an “I Have A Dream” Real Life Story


In the Summer of 1981, a dream was born in the City of Montgomery, Alabama. Michelle Feagins, an inner city youth at the age of 13 was given a summer job under the Carter Administration, through the CETA program at the Montgomery County Courthouse. It was during that summer that this underprivileged girl was exposed to the legal profession as she would spend her daily lunch break sitting on the back row of a courtroom bench watching the American justice system unfold at its finest. As fate would have it, little Michelle’s attention began focusing on the stenographer or court reporter as they are now called sitting quietly in the front of the courtroom as she quietly typed each spoken word using machine shorthand at a speed of 225 words per minute.


Soon, the introduction to law, the legal profession and a new world of opportunities changed and shaped this young girl’s life and her dream to become a stenographer was born. After graduating high school, Michelle immediately left for her enlistment in the U.S. Army where her professional career training and education began. Once completing her second tour of duty, Michelle exited the U.S. Army and immediately enrolled in the Reporting Academy of Virginia where she utilized the college funding earned through the Montgomery G.I. Bill to continue on her life’s course leading to the fulfillment of her dream.


After completing the court reporting college requirements, Michelle Anthony at that time sought employment as a court reporter. Due to unfortunate circumstances at that time, Ms. Anthony was unsuccessful in securing a job as a court reporter. Armed with the strength, determination and will to succeed of accomplishing the mission ahead of her and engrained in this Army veteran’s mind, Ms. Anthony was determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a stenographer/court reporter. As a result of this incredible resolve, Ms. Anthony embarked upon her journey as an entrepreneur on August 24, 1994. Ms. Anthony launched AAI, opening up a freelance court reporting firm in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After only three years of entrepreneurship, Ms. Anthony’s understanding of business, clientele base and opportunity to grow had developed and flourished in such a way that in 1997, Ms. Anthony graduated from a sole proprietor entrepreneur and incorporated her small firm. The company held a grand opening gala event in October 1997 in downtown Norfolk, Virginia to celebrate the company’s expansion commemorating this accomplishment.


In the Spring of 2009, Ms. Anthony formed her first strategic partnership in Atlanta, Georgia. The company welcomed aboard Mr. Neal Noel as the new Management Consultant for the firm and he has since become the Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Noel brings to AAI a background in Executive leadership. In his corporate capacity, Mr. Noel managed HP telecom and IT contracts nationwide. He managed a staff of over 200 personnel, and brings years of corporate management and employee training skills to the company.


AAI holds the historic distinction of becoming South Hampton Roads’ first-ever African-American owned court reporting firm and was featured in various business media articles commemorating this accomplishment. Since that time, the company has continued to grow and evolve into a fully-operational and highly respected nationwide court reporting agency maintaining its legacy and historical accomplishments in that market area.

In 2013, AAI was launched to recognize a new strategic direction for the company. In the Fall of 2013, AAI experienced exponential growth due to several multi-million-dollar contract awards, which catapulted the small firm from 7 employees to over 100 employees seemingly overnight. Being prepared for the growth explosion was a drill that had been practiced and prepared for numerous times utilizing the executive leadership skills borne by Mr. Noel.


Today, AAI is a market leader delivering solutions such as Information Technology, Advisory, Analysis/Financial Services, Supply Chain/Logistics, Public Relations/Marketing/Media, Training, Staffing, Project/Program Management, Medical, IT, Court Reporting & Transcription services directly to the government.


AAI is a CVE Verified and Certified Service Disabled Veteran, Woman and Minority Owned Small Business that is focused on providing our customers with dynamically engineered, cost efficient, robust and high performance solutions through strategic alliances. AAI is managed by seasoned executives with over 100 combined years of military and corporate experience.



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