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At AAI, a Service Disabled Veteran and Woman Owned Small Business, we give priority to our fellow brothers and sisters in arms that have served to protect and defend the freedoms we all enjoy in our hiring and recruitment processes in accordance with the law and our personal commitment to our veteran community.


As a company-wide standard, AAI goes the extra mile to ensure our veterans are sourced through many platforms, such as job boards, current veteran employee referrals, and other resources available to us. In addition to the above-listed processes, AAI prides itself in utilizing the following additional processes and procedures in our recruitment process to seek out and employ fellow veterans:

  • The use of efficient and effective solutions such as posting job openings on websites that are prone to having frequent veteran users.
  • We often survey our internal veteran employees to get an understanding of military distinctions and to provide in depth insight into military roles and responsibilities.
  • We look for evidence of distinctive leadership, teamwork and problem solving indicators in our candidate resume submissions.
  • We align ourselves with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) such as the American Legion to continuously develop our contact and relationship knowledgebase for additional outreach resources to keep us connected to relevant pools of veterans that are coming available for hire.
  • We communicate our needs with the local Veterans Employment Representatives at the American Job Center and other similar organizations.
  • We utilize both Vetsuccess.gov and Veterans Job Bank to seek out veteran candidates.
  • Lastly, we have developed an internal system to determine how military careers, ratings, and experience can help us identify quality veteran candidates to meet the needs of the job and licensing requirements consistently for our clients.

AAI is a CVE Verified and Certified Service Disabled Veteran, Woman and Minority Owned Small Business that is focused on providing our customers with dynamically engineered, cost efficient, robust and high performance solutions through strategic alliances. AAI is managed by seasoned executives with over 100 combined years of military and corporate experience.



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